New Belgium Brewing: Company Analysis

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The story of New Belgium Brewing is one example of the American dream lived out in real life. It helps to prove that it is still possible to have a dream and work to make it succeed. But New Belgium Brewing is not just a story about a company that has achieved success. It is a story of a company which put its employees, society, and the environment on equal par with its bottom line. From its very beginnings in a small basement in Fort Collins, Colorado, New Belgium has committed to three basic fundamental. These factors are economics, society, and the environment (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). All three of these commitments have played a major role in the success of New Belgium. However, I believe that the company’s commitment to its employees has played…show more content…
New Belgium has made a lasting commitment to the men and women who work there. They are not just employees, but are actual co-owners of the company. New Belgium is not a publically traded company. Instead it operates as a private company with stock options going to its employees. This not only makes them part owners, but gives them a say in how the company is run and the directions it takes. In 2013, New Belgium became a full employee ownership company by giving one hundred percent ownership to employees (Goodman, 2015). The company also operates under an unusual open book policy in which every employee is given access to the inner financial workings of New Belgium along with financial training to understand the information they are given access to. In addition to traditional medical insurance benefits, New Belgium offers its employees a wide variety of “extras.” These include monthly catered lunches to celebrate employee birthdays, free yearly massages, and the freedom to bring their children
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