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New Century Grand Hotel Changchun
The New Century Grand Hotel Changchun is the first hotel of the New Century chain of hotels. It is situated in Changchun, China. The hotel is spread over 17 floors. It has over 300 rooms. There are over four hectares of floor space here and it also houses a large business center, which is ideal for holding grand conferences and business meetings. The hotel lies close to all the prominent places in the city, such as the Puppet Emperor’s Palace and the Changchun Film Studio.
The fine hotel has all the modern facilities in its rooms. You can enjoy excellent TVs here and also feel comfortable in medical grade bedding. The hotel is served by a number of fine restaurants. These restaurants offer the traditional Chinese as well as Western cuisine. There is also a restaurant that serves Japanese delicacies.
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The hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The hotel offers all the modern facilities. It also serves various services that are considered Chinese luxuries. The hotel is especially famous for a number of recreational facilities.
You can enjoy playing tennis here and you can also go bowling at this excellent restaurant. Other available games here are table tennis as well as billiards. These facilities are supported by a fully servicing fitness center. There is also an outdoor swimming pool in this hotel. There is also a sauna here as well as a separate playing area for the kids. You can also play board games here, such as poker or chess. There are so many activities that you can enjoy them regardless of your taste.
The Fangzhong Sunshine Hotel also has a Western themed restaurant. This restaurant serves various European cuisines such as Italian and French delights. This restaurant provides a view of the gardens that are around the hotel. You can also get items from the Chinese cuisine here. All types of drinks and wines are also available

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