Elizabeth Bennet In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Emma Christensen Mrs. Kathryn Schroder English IV Honors 13 February 2018 Pride and Prejudice In 1813, the progressive female novelist Jane Austen published one of her most well known works. Austen finished writing the novel in 1797, with the original title of First Impressions. It was at first rejected by publishers however, after changing the name to Pride and Prejudice, it has become one of the most influential social novels out of the era. In the novel, the main character Elizabeth Bennet, comes into the acquaintance of a number of new characters. When interacting with these new characters, her manner often times changes due to another’s influence. These changes can result in a positive, or negative change, forever altering the readers…show more content…
Fitzwilliam Darcy at one of Meryton's local balls. Ones first impression of him would notice his arrogant and snobbish manner. Knowledge of his yearly earnings, and known character circle the ballroom once he makes a formal entrance with members of the Bingley family. His first impression on Elizabeth leaves her thinking that he is cold and unwelcoming. She later overhears him discussing his views on Elizabeth and her oldest sister Jane with his dearest friend Charles Bingley. Mr. Darcy elightens Bingley that Jane was the most handsome in the room, while Elizabeth was tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt him. This newly obtained opinion of Mr. Darcy negatively influences Elizabeth into an even more hated opinion of Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth is not shy when showing her disapproval of his character with others and at times to his face. She neglects to push further as to getting to know him better personally due to overhearing his earlier remarks on her. Little does she know, he cares immensely about her and is in love with…show more content…
Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, and confesses a deep love for her. She declined his offer due to her knowledge of his past actions against her recent interest Mr. Wickham. She explained to Mr. Darcy why she must decline, this prompts him to prove Elizabeth wrong on her understanding of Mr. Wickham, and of her affection on him. Mr. Darcy, leaves her a letter that explains the true story of what happened to Mr. Wickham, and all of the pain he has cause Mr. Darcy and his sister. He then saves the Bennet family from shame, by paying for Elizabeth’s youngest sisters wedding to Mr. Wickham, after she ran off with him, with no intent on marrying him. He also payed for Mr. Wickham’s pension, and her dowry. From these actions, and recollections of the truth of Mr Wickham's true behavior, it influences Elizabeth to second guess herself, and her initial impression of Mr.

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