New Culture Movement In Chinese Culture

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New culture movement happened from mid 1910s to 1920s. The new culture movement influence furthermore on Chinese culture development during the fourth period. Scholars Denton points out that the fourth movement was characteristic as against tradition. (denton113) the new culture movement leads by scholars who were Hu Shi, Lu Xun, Duxiu Chen and others. Those intellectuals had advanced western education; they try to speared western advanced thought; also, they create a modern style of Chinese literature. The scholars in favor of new culture movement, like Hu Shi,Advocates the new literature(bai hua wen), opposing the old literature (wen yan wen). Advocates simple writing instead of traditional writing, there are a lot of scholars have different opinion about new culture movement on Chinese culture. Some scholars think it is good for Chinese culture development, but some scholars think it ruin traditional culture. My research question is: Did New Culture Movement ruin Chinese traditional culture or not? There are some scholars who support the new culture movement. For example, scholars such as Lu xun who is one of the important writers in the new culture movement. He supports the new culture movement by writing in a new literature (bai hua wen).One of the famous book named “diary of madman” which write in a new style (pai hua wen) that represented a sign in new culture movement (Tang). In addition, Hu shi who is one of advocate new literary in new culture movement. Hummel
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