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The Great Depression was a deep and harsh downturn in the economy and market. The stock market crashed on October 24, 1929. This was an economic crisis of very small activity of business nationwide in the U.S. Many Americans were in a widespread of agony and despair. The New Deal was made during 1933-1938 which is a series of social liberal programs. The purpose was supposed to help clear the mess of the Great Depression by making the programs made for different subjects. This deal relieved many Americans from their troubles. However, some people did not understand how it improved America’s conditions. While some people believed that it strengthened the faith in the system. All in all, the Great Depression was a time of despair. The New Deal…show more content…
The CCC hired city dwellers to work in America’s national parks, forests, wilderness areas, and the countryside (textbook 778). The CCC didn't just provide jobs for those who needed them, but this program also conserved the nation's natural resources (textbook 778). This is great because it's a win-win situation for both America for its environment for and America for its citizens. It is great for the environment because workers are helping reserving many national parks and forests by not wasting them away and having them preserved. At the same time, citizens with no jobs and no way to provide themselves and their family, got a job from the program. These people are gaining money and working while also helping the environment. In the document, the CCC provides a picture of people working and helping provide for the environment (document 7). The picture shows workers in the forest or maybe a soon to be forest preserve pushing a wagon of sticks and…show more content…
However, the NYA was effective in the New Deal, because it helped and supported children. The NYA was an effective program in the New Deal, especially for Native Americans. The NYA created a position of the Director of Negro affairs to a woman named Mary McLeod Bethune. She was very passionate about African American rights(link). In the Document 12, the NYA states that their program helped boost families and their income so that their children can still learn in school. The quote in the document states that although the children is working hard, they believe that it's a good program because gave teenagers a chance to work for money

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