New Deal Initiatives

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Throughout the essay, it’s going to explain what was the Great Depression and some of the New Deal policies enacted due to the Great Depression. what were the major policy initiatives of the New Deal in the “Hundred Days.” Who were the main proponents of the economic justice in the 1930s and their measures they advocated. The major initiatives of the Second New Deal, and how did they differ from the First New Deal. As well as, how did the New Deal define the meaning of freedom in American and the benefits that women and minorities received form the New Deal. The Great Depression was a horrible but important time period of American history which allowed the country to learn from it’s mistakes and develop new policies that would benefit it’s…show more content…
FDR was looking forward into the future of the economy of the United States with this new policy developed and also with the creation of the FDIC or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
 The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was created in order to protect the money of the Americans in their certain choice of bank. One of the main and horrible effects of the Great Depression had on the American public was that all of the money that they had saved in back accounts were lost and couldn’t be replaced by the banks. A cruel way of loosing someones hard earnings and lifesavings. Which is why The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), was created because what the FDIC did was that it protected the money of the customers if it was to ever get lost with a guarantee up to a quarter of a million. This new policy sit well with the American public because it gave them security blanket once again to believe in the banks due to having the promise by the federal government of repaying their money that could be lost. Along with this new policies created with the New Deal, came proponents for economic…show more content…
For one, it brought hope to the American public during the hardest time of the country in economic and mental aspects. It didn’t give them the freedom of economic opportunity but the freedom of a better tomorrow and high spirits. With that in mind, the New Deal also brought benefits for women and the minorities. The women benefited from the New Deal by being accepted in government positions. The New deal opened many opportunities for women to take place in the government. The minorities benefited by achieving recognition in their voice and the power of voting. Blacks were being granted the right to make political careers and voting for their Senators and
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