How Did The New Deal Affect The Economy

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To overcome problems, one must look at it from a different angle. Intentions of the New Deal are good but do consist of flaws. Franklin Roosevelt passed this federal program to rebuild America from the devastating outcomes of the Great Depression. This crisis ignited a wildfire of economic instability and famine upon the United States. William E. Leuchtenburg, a professor of history, illustrates both the good and bad sides of Roosevelt’s program to battle this crisis. Leuchtenburg states that this federal program “had its critics” because it neglected some issues; however, it is nearly impossible to solve every problem. Despite its weaknesses to overlook some issues, the New Deal changed how the government operated by reverting from its traditional ways which were beneficial for the welfare of…show more content…
Roosevelt’s national program did not just help the economics but also opened new opportunities in education. The National Youth Administration (NYA) provided valuable education to young people who lack funds in both high school and college; in exchange, students had part-time jobs. This act depicts how the government is transitioning from just passing laws with little interaction to American citizens, to having an obligation to nurture and care for its people. The impact of the New Deal altered how the political systems worked. It granted more executive power to pass numerous acts for the betterment of both American people and caused the federal government to evolve into a more refined institution. Another example of the improved government directly affecting the lives of American people for passing the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Crime in America skyrocketed due to the Great Depression. As a result, the New Deal passed the CCC to decrease crime by employing young Americans from ages 18-25 to distract them from foolish
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