New Direction Maya Angelou Analysis

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What are your reasons when undertaking a mission? Annie Johnson wanted a more successful life for her family and herself. Farah Ahmedi and her mother wanted to live a better life in a new location. Ernesto wants to get a good education at his new English school. Furthermore, individuals are driven to undertake a mission because they want a better life for family, find better living to succeed in a different location, or get a better and successful education. Annie Johnson gets a better job where she can be with her children as well, Farah and her mother struggle with Farah and her missing leg and her mother with asthma to get to a new location for a more successful life, and Ernesto gets private lessons on learning how to speak English from Miss Ryan to succeed and get a better education.…show more content…
Annie separated with her husband because they weren 't comfortable with their relationship so Annie was left alone through her struggles. “They parted amicably.” This proves that Annie was left alone to take care of her babies on her own. Annie practices things like holding buckets with rocks on both hands to help her succeed at her new job. This explains what Annie did to try and get better for the job she was striking for which lead her family and herself to a better life. “Step off that road into another direction.” This proves that Annie was not afraid to cut herself a new path. Moreover in “The Other Side of the Sky” by Farah Ahmedi and Tanim Ansary, Farah Ahmedi and her mother are trying to find a better life in a different location where there is no war to worry
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