New England Vs Chesapeake Colonies Essay

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Starting in the early 1600’s settlers from England came to “The New World.” England and Spain were competing to claim this new undiscovered land. The English were the first to claim the land by sending the first group of settlers, the Chesapeake settlers. They settled in present day Virginia and Maryland. The Chesapeake settlers came for commercial and profit. the New England settlers came a few years later and resided in present day Massachusetts. The New England settlers came for religious reasons.The settlers from Chesapeake bay differed from the New England settlers in family structure, living conditions, and economy. Eventually, both groups settled in and had a prosperous life that turned into what is now the United States of America.…show more content…
Women cooked food and made the family’s clothing. The crops grown were meant just for the family, so the economy was dependant on other things. New England 's colonies economy was dependant on fishing, furs, and ship building. The New England colonies differences from the Chesapeake bay colonies shows the difference we still see right now in the northern states vs the southern states. The New England colonies and the Chesapeake bay colonies also had similarities. They both came to the new world to escape the hardships of England and pursue freedom and wealth. They also both had a good trading system setup and were part of the global economy. They both followed a denomination of christianity whether it was protestant or puritan. The two groups also settled on the east coast and had conflicts with the native residents. Although it seems as if both settlements were very different, they had their similarities. Early in the 17th century settlers from England came to North America to escape religious persecution and acquire wealth. The Chesapeake Bay settlers made their wealth through cultivating and selling tobacco. The New England setters were able to freely practice their religion and led a simple life. Both groups settled in and had a fulfilling life that turned into what is now the United States of
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