New Haven Essay

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New Haven: A City Divided The life of being in a big city such as New York, Los Anglos or even New Haven has always fascinated me when I was a kid. I grew up in the small towns of Westerly, Rhode Island and Norwich here Connecticut. These two towns were small enough that they weren’t the sprawls of a city but large enough that they showed promise of being points of industrial interest at one time. Since in the horizon in some parts of the town you could see the big smoke chimneys of some factories that use to puff out black clouds of smoke. That have long since been snuffed out by the times and their brick bodies crumpled as the corporation that at one time since employed there moved on with the times. When I was a kid I thought that all…show more content…
The man that I sat next to was a middle aged African American named Paul who worked as a landscaper for the city. He was the friendliest of the bunch, who recommended us to go to Broadway street for the outlets or to the Yale museum which is free to everyone. However, he went on to saying to watch out for the Yale kids as they were weird and seemed privileged to whatever it is they have. Even mocking them about how they dress stating that they “stick out like a sore thumb” and that they “just don’t seem like real people”. Other than that, we continued talking about where to shop and his stop came and then ours which we decided would be Broadway street that is also right next to Yale University. We could get inside one of dormitory areas that was open for tours and we were amazed at the sudden quietness that came with entering. Almost as if it were a gate way to a different realm we went through one hallway from the street and into the complex. What greeted us was not an eerie quietness but a peaceful one that was strange as the noise of the cars could not be heard over the Victorian architecture but only the distant sound of a police or fire truck siren. Along with the sound of chirping of birds living in the trees within the center green of this area, astonishing us that even with all the industrialization that went on nature could still exist within a
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