New Historicism And Cultural Criticism

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The two critical theories studied this week, new historicism and cultural criticism, share many of the same concepts. Both theories are under the belief that history and culture are complex and that there is no way for us to fully understand these subjects because we are influenced by our subjective beliefs. Also, both theories believe that people are restricted by the limits society sets, and that people and these limits cause friction and struggle. Furthermore, both of these theories share from some of the same influences such as from the French philosopher Michel Foucault. New historicist believe that the writing of history is merely an interpretation, not an absolute fact, other than the big facts we know such as who was president at the time or who won a certain battle. New historicist also believe that history is neither linear nor progressive. The reason for this is because while people can have goals history does not, and also defining what progression is changes from person to person. These theories can are also beliefs of cultural criticism; however, cultural criticism focuses more in political support of oppressed groups.
Summary of the Short Story
"Rocket Night" by Alexander Weinstein tells the story of Rose Hill 's Rocket Night through an unnamed narrator. This event took place at an elementary school and it was a night where parents, students, and school administrators got together to send the least-liked student to space. Rocket Night takes place in late
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