New Imperialism In The 20th Century

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New Imperialism of the late 19th and 20th centuries has had a large effect on society, during the period it occurred until present day. New Imperialism was a time of slavery and cruel treatment of indigenous peoples. Those times are long gone and the ideas they represented are illegal and seen as despicable, but they’ve had long standing effects that may never disappear. Due to slavery there has been tension between a variety of races, especially Africans and Caucasians in resent news. I agree with the statement that “imperialism is a progressive force for both the oppressors and oppressed,” however it hasn’t brought about a very positive progression.
There are documents from the 19th and 20th centuries that show perspectives of the Europeans
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Documents 3 and 8 are political cartoon depictions of the mistreatment of the ethnic peoples and get a point across quite well. Document 3 seems to show a white man in military uniform being pulled in a cart by a Chinese man and an African. This could represent the burden of the white man resting on the shoulders of other races and relying on them in order to advance, or it may just being trying to get across that Africans were not the only race enslaved during this period. Document 8 shows 2 atypical Englishmen, and a priest. The one Englishman is pouring alcohol in an African while the other is moving a lever that is squishing the African and gold is falling out of them during the process into a bin, and the priest is just standing there reading a bible. To me this shows the corruptness of the church and missionaries , how the Englishmen distributed alcohol to Africans in order to have easier control over them, and how both the church and the English took advantage of the ethnic peoples just for their own selfish profit. Documents 12 and 4 are written documents which give examples of some of the ways the slaves and indigenous people were mistreated. This includes the mass murders of their people, nonconsensual sexual deeds with them and their family…show more content…
We live in a society where gay marriage is legal, slavery and any form of discrimination is illegal, where murder of any kind is a crime that will not go unnoticed. Sounds like a great time to be alive doesn’t it? While we have progressed in some positive ways, there is negative progression as well. We have a man running for president who wants to deport and keep put Mexican immigrants, without any real good reason other than how he is racist and sexist. Two traits of humans which seemingly grew during the new imperialism period. There is now a ban on the southern flag because humans have found a way to connect that flag with racism when that isn’t what it directly represents. There are white supremacy groups (KKK) and other hate groups which target religious beliefs, different races, etc. We are changing the twenty dollar bill from Andrew Jackson to Harriet Tubman, when if you ask me it really doesn’t affect anyone that deeply when it comes to who is on our currency, it will be worth the same amount no matter who or what is on it. There is an array of shootings blamed upon officials being racist when in many cases that’s not why the individual was gunned down. That hatred towards each other that arose during the New Imperialism period has continued to stay, not in extreme ways, but it is there regardless. One day we may all be at
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