New Jersey Colony Essay

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The New Jersey Colony became a part of the middle colonies in 1664. It was founded for trade and profits by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret. New Jersey was named after the British Island Jersey. Before the british Colonized it and before the Dutch had settled there, The first people to live in New Jersey were the Lenni Lanape Indians. They were also the first farmers in New Jersey. Then in 1609 Henry Hudson sailed to america where he met the Lanapes. The Dutch believed that they could trade with them. So, The Dutch settled there and set up trade post to make it possible for them to trade. Then the land was taken by the english for profits and trade. The New Jersey Colony was not dominated by the Puritans like in the New England Colonies and it had religious tolerance and freedom for its settlers. Settlers to the New Jersey Colony included Catholics, Jews,…show more content…
Berkeley and Carteret started selling land at low prices, and allowed settlers to have political freedom as well as religious freedom, New Jersey eventually became more ethnically diverse than many other colonies. George Carteret granted a form of government in what was known as the "Concessions," which granted a government to be carried on by a governor, council, and an assembly of twelve to be chosen by the people, Although the settlers didn’t really care much about the government. Later on, New Jersey was made a royal colony. The people who had the Greatest impact on Colonial New Jersey were Berkley and Carteret they helped New Jersey to develop and managed to persuade settlers to settle there. Some significant event were the year that it was founded. Also in 1676 it was divided into East Jersey and West Jersey, another event was the year it became a royal colony. New Jersey developed economically due to its agriculture and it developed politically due to its political
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