New Mexico Territory Essay

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Fought over the belief that one human being can possess another, the American Civil War helped to not only reshape the United States, but also reshape the ideas and values of Americans to this day through literal blood, sweat, and tears. While it may not seem like it, the New Mexico territory played a pivotal role in the outcome of the Civil War. On the western frontier of the nation in the New Mexico Territory, several crucial battles waged, and while they may not have had the mass casualties compared to other battles during the War, they proved to be just as essential to the course of the War. The New Mexico territory played a role in the American Civil War because of its strategic location, the First Battle of Mesilla, and the Battle of Glorieta Pass. One of the major reasons that the New Mexico Territory played a critical role during the American Civil War is because of its strategic position regarding several aspects. For one, the New Mexico Territory served as the gateway to one of the most promising economic opportunities that the Confederate States of America ever had in their grasp. Established nearly forty years before the…show more content…
Though it may not have had as many battles or not garner much historical attention, the New Mexico Territory played a crucial asset to whichever side controlled the land. Because of its often overlooked usefulness, the Territory helped the Union win the American Civil War and allow the United States to today become the true land of the
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