New Negro Art Movement

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The New Negro Arts Movement is framed in many different ways. Firstly as a fixed movement, in terms of time and location, versus a more extended, trans locational and trans generational movement that spans borders and decades to exist as a flux and everlasting movement. Furthermore, and more prevalently, there was a major difference in perceptions within the New Negro Arts Movement in terms of the older and younger generations because of differing opinions on the necessity for race building and tone policing. The structure of the system by which the varying opinions on the purpose and definition of the New Negro Arts Movement were constructed is very complex, and the realities of the way in which artists responded to and functioned with each…show more content…
Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960) was a major and powerful young writer during the New Negro Arts Movement. She authored Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937), a novel that chronicles the life of a mixed black woman as she persists through various hardships ranging from unhealthy marriages to coping with murder. It is important to assess the prospective reactions that major writers from each side of the frame of the New Negro Arts Movement may have had so as to further analyze the impact and implications of each perspective on black art, specifically that of a black woman. One may reflect upon the various themes and colors of Their Eyes Were Watching God in order to assess what various people, specifically Dr. W. E.
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