New Orleans Hurricane Katrina

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New Orleans, a flourishing city sitting on the Gulf coast. The city thrived with life. But, on the morning of August 29th,2005 everything changed. Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the gulf coast. It struck with winds up to 140 mph. Although the hurricane created substantial damage, the aftermath had fatal consequences. The levees that were supposed to withhold a Category 3 hurricane in turn failed and about 50 breaches were created. The 50 breaches were the result of failed construction, neglect of upkeep.The City of New Orleans local & federal legislation should supply the money in order to secure the well being of the city. During the reconstruction period, New Orleans local officials were looking for a massive amount of aid in…show more content…
The government puts the unnecessary amount of money into that instead of where the money is required. There were many talks in Congress rather or not federal funds should help rebuild New Orleans. Many people felt that since the levee breeches were at the hands of the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, the government should be responsible for the rebuilding. The federal legislative provided approximately 145 billion dollars in relief effort over the many years. The legislation recently provided an additional 14 billion dollars for the rebuilding of the levee systems adding the flood walls. Even though, the government has provided the money to rebuild the levees, it’s only to be built to a category 3 hurricane not to a category 5. Which many people think it will make the city safer. The levees will be build as strong as the last levees which did not hold will. The foundation will be stronger and able to hold water in the mud. The government refuses to provide money to build a category 5 levee. The Army Corps of Engineers built the new levees as well. If the Legislation will provide more money to build up a more powerful levee that can withstand a stronger storm than Katrina and covers for the water pumps, New Orleans will be well off and prepared for the next storm. Furthermore, New Orleans will be a well off city if the legislation will provide the adqaute
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