New Orleans Migration Report

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The first known residents of the New Orleans area were the Native Americans of the Woodland and Mississippian cultures. The expeditions of De Soto (1542) and La Salle (1682) passed through the area, but there were few permanent white settlers before 1718, when the governor of French Louisiana, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, founded the city of Nouvelle-Orléans on the first crescent of high ground above the Mississippi’s mouth. In 1722 he transferred Louisiana’s capital from Biloxi. The same year a hurricane destroyed most of the new city, which was rebuilt in the grid pattern of today’s French Quarter. Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville soughted this land through its period under Spanish control, then briefly back to…show more content…
I was born in New Orleans Louisiana 1996, where I’ve spent my whole life. Although my family was moved here by a pull factor long before I came along. The pull factor was a job for my grandfather at the United Fruit Factory which was located in the city of New Orleans, which he then moved and established his family. It all started in part of Orleans Parish known as the “Lower Ninth Ward” where my great great grandmother and grandfather bought their first Shotgun home together on Claiborne St. It then was passed down through generations eventually becoming my grandmothers. I attended Martin Luther King Jr. School there in the Lower Ninth Ward. That part of city basically was on own little city inside of one, it multiple schools, grocery stores, doctor offices etc., basically all of human being necessities in order to survive and live comfortably. It wasn’t till the year of 2005 when everything drastically changed for me. Hurricane Katrina hit and caused my family to have to relocate to Houston, Texas where we spent almost 2 years being classified as a refugee. Hurricane Katrina was a push factor. Being there made me homesick. 2008 my family and i was able to move back to our hometown into our rebuilt home in Lower Ninth Ward. Being i thought would make me feel better but being the only house on the block at the time didn 't make me happy at all. Although the city was coming back and still to this it has a lot of work that needs be done, but at very slow
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