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A thrill for the speed From the time auto mobiles were created, someone has had the idea to race them. Some people race illegally and some race on a regulated track. A new track has brought itself to light in New Orleans. Not very popular with common conversation but to a “gear head” like my step farther. My step father, Mr. Russ, came across this track shortly after it was finished being built. Curiously, my mother wanted to know what it was all about this place call NOLA motorsports park. So for his upcoming birthday we decided to take him to this new track. My step father knew a great deal, about this new location but the rest of the family did not know very much, if any at all. The trip there was an adventure in itself but my step father lit up like a teenager receiving their first car. He explained to us that for a “gear head” that this was an amazing birthday gift. It was everything he want between the thrills and gorgeous car that were available for him to drive. On our way over to New Orleans, it was surely an adventure to get to the track. We decided take separate cars, my mother and step father in one and in the other was my cousin, sister and I. As I…show more content…
I can smell the burring of rubber from people spinning out in the car. The smell of gasoline is all around and the heat of the asphalt burning from the sun you can just tell that that it is a race track before we walk in. Which the smell of burning rubber is not a pleasant smell. For some people it is a motivator to go out race their vehicle. We all walk into this humungous building and see all these pictures of the really nice cars. Mr. Russ is just going on and on about all the cars, as the gear head he is, thinking we understand all of what he is saying but to us he was speaking a foreign language. As we could tell, there was no other thrill like this one for

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