New Pioneer Argumentative Essay

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In 1971, some young people from Iowa City like organic food so much, because it not only naturally growing without added preservatives but also satisfy human needs and make them healthy. These group of people founded the New pioneer Food Co-op, shortened to New Pi, as an all-natural foods store. There are two locations in Iowa City. Both of them sell local food, organic produce, meat, hormone-free seafood, and poultry as well as packaged foods that do not contain any artificial additives and which is eco-friendly. This company’s principles are: “The principles are welcoming all people, to have member-owners democratically control the business, and to ask each member-owner to contribute to our economic success”. (Our History) New Pioneer has two locations, a bakery house and administrative offices, they hired employee to manage all of it…show more content…
It has everything that a person could desire to eat at any time. Because of its success, it opened a third store in Cedar Rapids four months ago and gained more customers now, it brings community closer. These places would be a loss to the community if it is be replaced. I understand for a city’s economic redevelopment, it is necessary to build a new shopping center which would severely alter the landscape of the city, but if the city council build in a residential area, it will cause lots of noise from the mall, and it will be bad for development of society. Please place it somewhere else. I suggest to place it near downtown because there are lots of main intersection streets that have highly traffic with a large flow of people. A high flow of customer traffic is paramount for a large shopping mall. It is easy to let them find and attract them to come in. I believe at the center of the commercial district and crowded population will bring more positive economic effect rather than placing it in residential
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