Principality In The Prince

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In chapters six and seven of his book, “The Prince”, Niccolo Machiavelli stated that the difficulty in keeping and maintaining new principalities depends on how the prince acquired them. The principalities can be acquired either by one’s own arms and abilities or by the arms of others and by relying on luck or good fortune. Although the two options will both mitigate different problems and issues, Machiavelli argues that those who rely least on good fortune will come out the strongest. In this chapter, the dependent variable would be the difficulty a prince would experience in acquiring a principality. The independent variable then will be the method in acquiring the principality, whether through ability or good fortune. For those who acquire…show more content…
The first method he mentioned was done by using wicked and criminal ways to ascend to the principality. The second mean to become the prince is called civil principality. This happens when a citizen becomes the prince through the approval and favor of the nobles or the common people in his country. This second method does not resort to any form of violence or cruelty unlike in the first one mentioned. The dependent variable in this chapter would be becoming a prince. The independent variable would be the means used to become the prince, either through wickedness or civil…show more content…
According to him, rulers should know their respective limits when it comes to the force and violence they inflict. Machiavelli believes that maximizing betrayal, deception and other cruel acts aren’t considered talents. Although these methods are effective in gaining empire, these don’t help in getting glory. Therefore, using violence and cruelty may be necessary but should have limits. The prince must know up to what extent his violence should be inflicted upon and he must do it all at once to avoid the hatred and resentment from his
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