New Product Design Case Study

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According to Cooper et al. (2003) as cited in Abecassis-Moedas (2006), new product design can be defined as “a creative activity using market and company information to produce a 2 or 3 dimensional product that satisfies the consumer and aids company profitability”. Ulrich and Eppinger (2003) stated the process to develop new product need contributions from all the functions of a firm. Peters et al. (1999) develop a model to explain the new product design and development (NPDD) process. It was consisted of 4 stagse. First, pre-design/development, the phase to identified business opportunity. Second, design and development process, the phase to convert business opportunity into viable activity. The third, post design development consisted…show more content…
(1999) as cited in Millward & Lewis (2005) identified the difference of new product development in US and UK. The report stated that US companies tend to be more focused, choosing fewer products to develop. They urgent to release new product faster. Thus, the development times are shorter. The US companies release more than 50 per cent of their intended new products, while UK companies only release15 per cent. The failure rates for new products sometimes high. But they can improve through the process. Every organization has different performances of new product development because of socio-cultural and organizational factors (Peters et al., 1999). Every company was unique. They have different requirements of the process of new product development. The company should adjust the general of new product development framework to meet their own requirements. 2.2 Product Development Process in Small Medium…show more content…
The result show three generic managerial issue on new product development: the influence of a dominant owner/manager, a focus on time and cost ahead of other key factors, and a failure to understand the importance of product design. UK government strategy suggest the manufacturing companies to improve the value-added chain in order to generate a clear competitive advantage. Previous research shown that successful new product development provides higher returns than any other similar investment. Small company often have more advantages to identify new product opportunities due to the close working relationships with customers and

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