New Testament Reflection Paper

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I decided to take this class because of two main reasons. The number one reason was that you have excellent reviews online. I want a professor that can make the class enjoyable and is willing to help students if they are struggling. The second reason I took this class is because I want to get a better understanding of the New Testament. Since, majority of the world population has read the New Testament and try to follow the teachings from it. As an individual I have less than one percent of knowledge of the New Testament. I was raised Hindu and I didn’t have much exposure to the New Testament. I have been exposed to some knowledge when my friends discussed about religion. We didn’t go into deep conversions about each other religions, but talk about the basic foundations. My parent’s friends would strike up a conversion religion and wanting to understand other religions. On a few occasions, I obtain information about the New Testament from people who knock on our doors to talk about Jesus and Christianity. When interacting with my friends and a few preachers the most common information that I would hear during our conversion is that God created the 10 commandments. The preachers would say the 10 commandments are the prime…show more content…
My dad friend who is a Christian mention that Christianity is somewhat broke because there is no clear origin. There are several missing pieces that most people don’t realize. I want to learn about what documents and who were the key people that helped to shape the New Testament. I have heard of key names, but I want to get a better understanding as who were they as individuals. Also, I hear different perspectives of the New Testament when interacting with different individuals. I want to learn facts that scholars agreed on about the New Testament. In general, I just want to learn in depth about the New Testament and want to become a more educated

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