New Women In Sudha Murty's Mahashweta

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The purpose of the paper is to study the evolution of a new woman in Sudha Murty’s novel Mahashweta. With the dawn of freedom, particularly India’s national struggle, the position of women took a turn for better. It was strongly realized that so long as women of country were not uplifted or granted equal status with the men in all walks of life- political, social, economical, educational, India could neither progress nor make any significant advance in any field. Our women have a great part to play progress of our country, as the mental and physical contact of women with life is much more lasting and comprehensive than that of men. For nothing was it said, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” In accordance to this proverb an apt example is Dr. Sudha Murty , who is a prolific fiction author in Kannada and English and has published several books that promote her views on feminism, charity, hospitality and self-realization through fictional narratives. She is a recipient of many awards and the most notable amongst them are the Padma Shri and the R.K. Narayan’s award for her contribution to literature. The new women depicted by Sudha Murty are hard working, dedicated, delicate and docile. They normally go for complete surrendering but the very essence of self-respect always remains with them, ultimately, forcing them to become rebellions though in a very subdued way. The present paper is based on the psychological realism, exclusively to the main characters of the
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