New Women In The 19th Century

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New women a term used as a feminist ideal was presented by Sarah Grand a famous writer who writes for women for the first time in 19th century a time where women were subdued and were not given desirable status and rights. It soon a buzz throughout the country and a popular phrase in books ,journals and also a well known headline in newspapers. The New Woman, a significant cultural icon of the ofthe time, originated from the stereotypes that were faced by the Victorian woman who was exactly an opposite of the women which was being portrayed from centuries. She was intelligent, educated, emancipated, independent and self-supporting and a one who could take stand for herself. At the end time of the 19th century, New Woman ideology started to play a very important and a significant role in the complex social changes that led to the changing of gender roles and given back females the women’s rights, and overcoming male supremacy to women who were always neglected and looked down upon were now addressed differently. Introduction of new women encouraged females to stand for themselves it provided them the inspiration they could relate themselves to the characters in the novel the problems and atrocities that they were going through in a way they found themselves in the characters of new women and got inspired with the further actions and this brought a new wave of a strong women who was self dependent in the Victorian society. .The New Woman, a fiction that was a hot

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