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My husband had a friend named John but he went by " Captain John Smith" and the adventures were limitless with him. Let me tell you about the " New World" adventure as told by an insider. In 1606, King James I of England allowed some of us from The Virginia Company to look for land to establish a colony, led by Captain Christopher Newport, we set off the New World for riches and wealth. Three Boats the Godspeed, the Discovery, and the Susan Constant ready to set sail. We set sail in December of 1606 but took months to hit land.As the Ship got closer and closer to land fall; my anxiety began to climb. I was a nineteen year old newlywed with a plan. I knew everything and packed our belongings aboard a ship and set sail for all new life that would be…show more content…
It wasn 't long before we met up the Native Americans again; this time they were friendly and were willing to trade with us. One of the members, Powhatan was a good man and he became family as well. His daughter Pocahontas married my cousin John Rolfe but that 's a story in itself. It wasn 't long before we realized we didn 't pack enough nor did we plan very well. We should of planted and hrvested long before Winter hit. The Winter of 1609 was brutal and many of the settlers were giving up on the new life. Many had regretted the choices we made. Only 60 of the 214 settlers even survived that horrific season. Many hung onto life; starvation, disease and attacks became a part of daily life for us. The kinks slowly worked themselves out and we began growing tobacco. I know, I know; it causes Cancer but we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into nor did our two doctors even know what Cancer was at that time. I would of been alright not knowning what Malaria and dysentery were either as it periodically raged through the community due to the lack of fresh water. Tobacco was easy to grow and we made so much money off of it. We even sold it to the Natives. As the monies came in; the colony was able

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