New World Impact

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America was founded for gain and reward; the impact was both positive and negative for the societies involved. Many Europeans were living in poverty and were unable to make money, so the New World was attractive for them. It was attractive because it was a huge landmass that was available to them at barely any cost. The Impact of having so many people want to live in the New World was that the indigenous settlements living there were immediately threatened because they were different than the Europeans therefore the Europeans disliked them. Many Europeans were negatively impacted because they did not know how to live in the New World, but once they got the hang of that they thrived. The Africans were also negatively influenced because in order for the Europeans to have economic success, they needed slaves to work for them. America was attractive to all the people that moved there because of its promise for good economy, but not all societies got the positive impacts that they hoped for. There were many excursions sent to the new world but one of the most impacting…show more content…
The winter of their arrival was referred to as “the starving time”. The men that survived the trip to the New World were so determined to find gold that they did not spend any time trying to find food. “But the occasion was our own, for want of providence, industry, and government, and not the barrenness and defect of the country, as is generally supposed” (29 American Spirit). The occasion of starving and death was their own fault because they were unable to take their eyes of the reward that they so deeply desired from being in America. In this case this small community was negatively impacted. When the remaining men finally had an opportunity to leave they set sail only to get turned right around to return and start a war with the indigenous community that had tried to help them
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