New Year Resolution Essay

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The new year begins and resolutions are made. Hoping and planning for a better year, many people decide to work on a specific aspect of their personal life they believe needs improvement for the upcoming year. Such resolutions include: losing weight, eating healthier, and spending more time with family. Although their original intentions are good, they are quickly hindered by old routines and busy schedules. The main issue with many New Year’s resolutions is they are unrealistic and not well planned. My resolution consists of one word: devotion. By focusing on a single word, rather than a general goal, I will be able to incorporate it into my daily life, instead of trying to forcing it into my already busy schedule. Using my one word motto…show more content…
Since I will be taking classes specified to my interests and future career, I believe I will be surrounded by these types of people. Continuing to work hard in my class and finding the time to balance these new relationships will be important, but my main goal for college is to expand my horizons and enjoy spending more of my time with friends. I have spent so much of my time in high school stressing over having straight A’s and working as often as I could to save for college. I want to truly enjoy the experience what I have worked so hard to reach. Letting go of my impossible standards for myself and stressful schedule will allow me to be enveloped in the atmosphere of the college life and enjoy what I have been spending my last few years trying to achieve: attending college. Being able to relax and enjoy my first year away from home will take an immense amount of focus as I am set in my ways and stubborn about having perfect grades. I do not want to stress about trying to be the perfect student throughout my entire career, no one is perfect, and trying be such is too much stress for a single person to endure. I want to let go of the overwhelming stress I have placed upon myself and enjoy the freedom of college with my new

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