New York City Memorial Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered why New York City is one of the most protected cities in the world? On September 11, 2001 there were four terrible attacks in the United States of America. There were attacks on both of the Twin Towers in New York City, one on the Pentagon in Washington DC, and one was headed for the either the Capitol building or the White house in Washington DC but was taken down in a field in Pennsylvania. The plane that was taken down was crashed into a field because two brave men knocked out the pilots and put the plane down in a safe location without many people. Over 3,000 people were killed in the attacks. In the North tower eleven people were trapped in a conference room. Smoke began to fill the room. the people called their loved ones like they would never get out. They were sure they were gonna die in that…show more content…
This memorial looks the way it does because the memory is still there. They left the base of the towers there so the memory of all the deaths would stay in people's hearts. They filled it with water to represent the tears of the day and the everlasting memory because water is everlasting. The reason that there are all the names around the memorial is to honor every person who died. The memorial is in the base of the towers because that is the exact spot of the attack. I think that this event should be memorialized because many people died in the tragic terrorist attack. The World Trade Center attack should be memorialized because the innocent people in America were going about their daily lives when suddenly something tragic happened. A plane filled with people crashed into a tower with hundreds of people in it. Then none the less two more planes did the exact same thing killing 3,000 people. This should be memorialized because the firefighters who tried to save the civilians were also killed. This day need to stay in history and be memorialized to support the families and friends of the lost
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