New York Knicks History

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The New York Knicks are one of the most popular teams in the National Basketball Association - despite not being one of the better teams in the league for much of their recent history. But New York is the nation 's biggest city, the Knicks are New York 's team, and basketball is the unofficial sport of New York city, so it all makes sense. Read below for more information you did not know about the Knickerbockers.

Number Seven: Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 Point Game Was Scored Against The New York Knicks

Basketball fans will probably be able to tell you that the legend Wilt the Stilt 's 100 point game is the most ever scored in a single game. It has been the record for decades, and it could very well be one of those that is never broken. Kobe
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Number Six: The Team Signed the First Non-White Player in NBA History

His name was Wataru Musaka, and he was of Japanese descent. He joined in 1947. The Knicks also broke barriers when they signed Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton in 1950, as he was the first black player in the league.

Number Five: They are One of Two Teams in Their Original City

The other team that has never moved is the Boston Celtics. Curiously, both teams play in "gardens" - the Knicks in Madison Square Garden, the Celtics in Boston Garden.

Number Four: The Team Name Can Be Traced to the Dutch Settlers of New York

"Knickerbockers" is the full name of the New York Knicks. The word refers to the style of pants that were popular with settlers that fell just below the knee.

Number Three: They are the Most Valuable NBA Franchise

The franchise value is at $2.5 billion. This is more than double the league average of $1.1 billion.

Number Two: The Knicks Have Played More Christmas Games than any Other Team

And one of their players holds the Christmas day single game scoring record. Bernard King scored 60 points against the Nets on December 25th, 1984.

Number One: Patrick Ewing Leader the Knicks in Several Franchise Records

Many fans might argue about who the best player in team history is, but the stats all point to their longtime center Patrick Ewing. Ewing holds the francise records for points scored, steals, blocks, rebounds, and free throws made and attempted. Thanks for
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