Warehouse Management Case Study: Wal-Mart

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ID: IAG057
Course: warehouse management
Course number: 405
Instructor: MAHMOOD ALI
Date: 23/11/2015

Table of contact:

1. Introduction & mission
2. Organization profile
3. Ikea value
4. Key figures (Ikea group at a glance 20014)
5. Ikea investing for the future
6. Ikea warehouse process
7. Ikea service
8. Discuss on my finding about Ikea
9. Conclusion
10. References

1. Introduction
Innovation, leadership and success that’s mean Wal-Mart. It was founded by Sam Walton in 1962, it was incorporated on October 31, 1969, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972. In 1962 they started their first store in Rogers. Many researchers
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They continue their movement by efficiency warehouse and helps to move product in the fastest possible way for all the stores locations. They also provide service for what textbook referred to the value-added services (VAS),and any system which is can be customized for warehouse and distribution centers into the company can not only add the value to the company, and end customer. The critical process for Wal-Mart to be competitive in the marketplace…show more content…
For most products and companies, warehouse, logistic and systems are set up for it to be demand related, which means a customer order. If any company is always looking for better and more efficient ways to run the process, there can be benefits. A warehouse and supply chain system plays a critical role in the entire process from order acceptance to delivery to the customer so in today’s competitive market environment companies have to continuously look for ways of improvement in a company’s warehouse system and I don’t feel that will change anytime soon. With newer technology always changing, there will always be ways to look and work around

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