New York University Personal Statement

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The school of my dreams resides in the melting pot of the world 's most sophisticated theories and ideas - New York City. Compared to the institute I am enrolled in now, New York University would provide me many opportunities to become exposed to different cultures and ideologies given the diversity of New York University’s students and New York City’s population. New York University would further expose me to diversity and submerge me in creativity and individuality that cities such as New York City thrive on. My focus as an International Business Student would greatly benefit from these aspects of New York University as I hope to work in future environments where I am constantly introduced to, and interacting with people from all backgrounds.…show more content…
New York University has convinced me, and has also proven to the world that it is fully capable of creating legends. One could realize how transforming New York University could be to an individual by taking a look at one of hundreds of notable alumni from New York University.

In my short life, I have already had the privilege of being granted many opportunities that others may not at my age. I have had the opportunity to study from home, while allowing myself to save money for my future. I have been able to turn one of my life passions, technology, into a full time career as a full time technician with Apple, and I’ve even been able to see the other side of the world with my yearly trips to Singapore. In years to come, I would be blessed to be able to add New York University along side all the opportunities I have been granted.

New York University is synonymous with success. Granted that it is filled with brilliant minds in every hallway, it is known to the world that it is almost impossible to walk away from New York University
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