New York Yankees History

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One hundred and fifth teen years, twenty-eight titles, forty pennants and countless memories, the New York Yankees, the most storied franchise in sports. They have an insurmountable amount of accomplishments in their history but forget all that for a moment. Travel back to a time before all the greatness and before all the legends who dawned the pinstripes, back to a time before the Core Four, before Mantle, Berra, Joe DiMaggio, even before the original Murderers’ Row. Back to a moment of time where one man created the American League and more importantly brought a team to New York. The year is 1903, and the unification of the two rival league agree and partner together to form an early adaptation of the MLB we know today. President and creator of the American league, Ban Johnson proposed to the owners to bring the struggling Baltimore O’s to New York. With a near anonioums decision (15-1) the team headed to New York City. With a new team in NYC, the team needed some where to host their home…show more content…
In 1912, they changed the design of the uniform to include pinstripes. Then in 1913, since the move from Hilltop Park to the Polo Grounds the team name of “highlanders” was of no correlation with the team at that moment. So then, ownership decided to adopt the name which the media has called the highlanders for a while, the Yankees. The next few years after this change, the Yankees still came up with disappointing results and this would not change under Miller Huggins first year. But this did start to improve as the end of dead ball era was slowly approaching. During this time, it is worth to note the game was more of a team game. They played small ball and the result of this is that baseball became slow paced and depended more on contact rather than power. This will all change when the introduction of one man will completely change the game and as well the Yankees fortune
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