Newmont Case

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Cash Ratio measures the cash available to the company in order to satisfy its short-term liabilities. Cash ratio of at least .5 is better because there are very few companies that actually have enough cash to cover their current liabilities. The cash ratio is the most conservative look at a company’s liquidity since it only looks at the cash. This ratio is an indication of a company’s creditworthiness and is used to decide how much credit should be extended to the company. In the case of Newmont it has a ratio of 1.96 which is a good indication that the company would be worthy of a loan from creditors. In the case of Freeport the cash ratio is 0.05 which is very small even compared to the industry average of .65. This means that a lender…show more content…
A low turnover implies excess inventory, a high ratio shows good sales. High inventory levels are unhealthy because they represent an investment with a rate of return of zero. In the case of copper mining there is a unlikelihood of a high ratio for inventory turnover because as it’s mined it goes out the door. The industry average is 41.66day for inventory turnover, Newmont is a faster turnover at 21 Days and Freeport is slightly longer at 52days. In the case of this industry specifically the faster they are able to turn over inventory the more money the company is able to free up allowing for a better working capital for the…show more content…
Debt ratio lies between 0 to1. Higher value indicates more risk to company and it will be difficult to obtain loans for new projects or expansion of any project. A low value indicates the company is less dependent on the money borrowed from or owed to others and the company has a strong equity position. Times Interest Earned is used to determine how easily a company can pay interest expenses on outstanding debt. Lower the ratio, more the company is burdened by debt expenses. When a company’s interest coverage ratio is only 1.5 or lower, its ability to meet interest expenses may be questionable. Return on Assets measures how efficient firm assets in generating profit. It is expressed in percentage. Higher the ROA, more money the company is earning on its assets. A low ROA shows inefficient use of company’s assets. Return on Equity shows how much profit the company is generating with the money invested by common shareholders. ROE is expressed in percentage. A high ROE is preferred for a high dividend to the hareholder. ROE depends upon the capital invested in the company. If more capital investment is there in the company less will be
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