Newspaper Columnist Case Study

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In this case, the ethical dilemma lies on whether the Newspaper Columnist should choose to terminate the contract and go for greener pastures against the legal law associated with contract clause. The contract is a legal entity where an agreement between two parties are met so that they can operate on specific boundaries over a certain period entail in the code of agreement. Failure of either parties in meeting the agreed terms and conditions would grant the contract null and avoid, attracting legal sanctions and ethical issues. The Columnist notified the employer about her intentions to leave the chain, breaking the contract by disregarding the existing legal terms. However, she showed partial responsibility when she notified the company about her goals. The reason a company would want to make such contracts is to avoid the cases as such.…show more content…
She should have negotiated a contract clause that enables her to sign out of the contract in case an opportunity pops up with a better deal. Since this was not the case, she is legally required to adhere to the clauses laid down in the first contract. The behavior is, therefore, unethical and morally wrong in this case regardless of her perspective. From the previous discussions, this action is an agonist of law to ethics. Law and ethics complement each other, where the law gives us the reflection of ethical status in our
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