Newton's Law Of Universal Gravitation

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Newton 's law of universal gravitation extends gravity beyond earth. The law of the universal gravitation is about the universality of gravity. Newton 's law of universal gravitation states that every particle is attached with each other particle in the universe. Newton’s law of the universal gravitation states that, “Any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.” The law of universal gravitation was find by Newton because of an apple. When the apple fell from the tree on to Newton’s head. Newton found it mysteriously, so he started to think about the reason and the formula out of this nature…show more content…
There are three main consequences that formed in it. The direction of the planets that stay in an orbit which is around the sun is opposite. The force from the sun goes through the orbit, and “control” the force between each planet and the balance in the orbit. Also, the direction of the force from the planets to the sun I opposite from the sun to the planets. This help them to balance, and stay in the orbit. The acting point between planets which stay in an orbit and the sun is the orbit. Also, the calculation of the orbit is that “The orbit is an ellipse with an eccentricity of about 0.017, so the distance to the sun at any given day would be: r = a(1-e*e)/(1+e cos(theta)).” ( There are eight planets in the orbit in total (there is another planet, but it doesn’t count as the planet in the orbit anymore). “The total mass of all eight planets is around 2.67 x 1027 kg. The sun 's mass is 1.989×1030 kilograms (2.2×1026 short tons), approximately 330,000 times the mass of Earth. It accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.” ( In this situation, the sun has a lot greater mass than all the planets, so it can carry the planets’ force, so it doesn’t move. This shows that the magnitude of the planets in the orbit around the…show more content…
The strength of the force of the planets stay in an orbit which is around the sun is that the revolve of the planets will never stop. The force between each planet, between them and the sun will never change because gravitation is always existing. Also, the principles, and the data will stay the same. There will not be differences in this example in different days that cause the force and the gravitation unbalanced. The limitation of it is that the position of the planets in the orbit is because of the specific mass, velocity, and the position. The force and the position must match. This limits the movement of the planets, and automatically because of it the planets also limit the force. They interact with each other in this

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