Nez Perce's Cruelty

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In the 1800s, the American government was struggling to rise in the world as a new nation. The leaders were eventually very successful, but along the way they were ruthless to all whom stood in their path. One obstacle that the Americans handed particularly poorly was their treatment of the Native Americans who owned the land prior to the European colonization of the new world. By learning about the atrocities done to the tribes such as the Cherokee, Lakota, and Nez Perce, the human race may refrain from such cruelty in the future. The Cherokee are one of the best known tribes of Native Americans due to the horrendous acts done against them. The tribe originally resided in the south eastern United States, however, the U.S. government wanted…show more content…
crushed them, as well. The Nez Perce are well known for the assistance they gave Lewis and Clark in the form of Sacajawea. The Natives were not given thanks by the Americans, only brutality. The explorers returned to report bountiful resources in the north west and settlers began to flood into the Nez Perce territory. Attempting to retain their peace and independence, the tribe willingly gave up 3/4ths of their land to the United States. When gold was found in the remaining quarter, the American greed was not satisfied. They wanted another 90% of the remaining land to mollify them. Many of the Nez Perce refused to sign the treaty but were forced into reservations due to the actions of the few who had signed it. Chief Joseph and his successor, Chief Young Joseph, were among those who fought the move. Chief Young Joseph led his people to Canada. Unfortunately, just a few miles from freedom, the tribe was caught and forced into a reservation in Oklahoma. The Chief appealed to t Washington D.C., begging to be returned to his home. He asked for “an even chance to live as other men live,” and “to be recognized as men.” Joseph promised that “whenever the white man treats the Indian as they treat each other, then we will have no more wars” (Chief Young Joseph). His plea fell on deaf ears, however, and the Nez Perce dwindled to nothingness. The United States history is marred by many heinous acts. One of the worst is the scar left by the treatment of Native Americans, forcibly moved across country. Americans must learn of this history to ensure that no race is ever so mistreated again. No more should one be forced to be so crushed and hopeless. No one else should ever have to admit that they “will fight no more, forever” (How the West was
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