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What is your understanding of NFIB’s relevance in the small business sector? The NFIB both pushes for political change affecting business sector and protects small businesses from dangerous government decisions. Corporate money and big business can often overpower the voice of organizations like the NFIB, however it is vital to have so organizations. For example, the NFIB put up a tremendous fight against the Affordable Care Act. The importance of this fight is that there are people fighting big business and trying to keep the United States glorified with small business. The PATH act is a perfect example of the NFIB actively going out to benefit its members. Our country needs to redirect cash flow back down to the little guys. The PATH act would be a step in the right direction.…show more content…
Countless articles, videos, and data sets are available on the NFIB website, making it one of the best resources for starting your own business. Along with these online resources, NFIB members work together to save on insurance, office supplies, etc. These cost saving techniques and online resources are huge in holding on to the American Dream. The American culture is drowning in the corporate world and the corporations have given us floaties that are leaking air. The poor are in debt, the middle class is deteriorating, and the rich have doubled their money. Is this really the dream we came for in 1776? I don’t think so. Here’s my dream: The dream is opening up the local newspaper to your sports store’s ad on the front page. The dream is fixing your neighbor’s car, and then his mother’s car. The dream is watching your old elementary school teacher smiling while eating your town famous Cinnamon Dream Cupcake. The dream is visible success. The dream lies within small businesses. The NFIB is working to keep this dream alive, and for that, I thank the
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