Nfl Influence On Pop Culture

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The NFL has been taking over Sundays in recent years. The league has become the most popular sport in America. It has become a Sunday tradition for many American families to sit down and relax, dress up in their favorite team’s jersey to watch football. Even on Thanksgiving, people tune in to watch football games. Then many of people tune in to see the Super Bowl held every February, which is the final game of the season that is played between the best two teams. The Super Bowl has become the most popular annual event in America poop culture. On August 20, 1920 in Canto Ohio, representatives of four Ohio football franchises met at an automobile showroom to form a new professional league. The league was previously known as the American Professional…show more content…
Hay elected his own running back, Jim Thorpe, for the role. Thorpe was originally the first president of the league, but he spent most of 1920 playing for the Canton Bulldogs. The first game played between two NFL teams were the Dayton Flyers and the Columbus Panhandlers. The Flyers had defeated the Panhandlers by the score of 14 to 0. In 1932 the first NFL playoff game was played in Chicago, Illinois in the Chicago Stadium between the Chicago Bears and the Portsmouth Spartans. Since the league started in 1920, the league title was awarded to the team that finished with the best record. In the 1932 season, the Bears and Spartans finished tied for first place, so the NFL arranged for an additional regular season game to determine the final standings and the champions. In the year of 1933 the NFL imposes a new de facto policy of total racial segregation and no more blacks played in the NFL until after World War II. The NFL held its first annual draft of college players in the year of 1936 and the first player that was selected was Heisman Trophy winner Jay Berwanger. Though Berwanger did not play a single down in the NFL because he choose to pursue a career in plastics manufacturing instead of playing pro
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