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The NFL is portrayed in the media show that the NFL players in their uniforms and portray them to be very happy and wealthy and enjoying their lives. The media also shows how NFL players get all the girls and show their high profile divorces or their criminal cases. The NFL shows young prospective player that in order to be a part of their league they must be the best of the best or go home. What that says about the NFL is that they are very competitive and it is not an easy journey to try to be a part of their team. The message it conveys to people is that if you get buff and you throw around a football you can be just like the NFL players and have all the money, cars and women. After NFL Draft, Rookies Get Rich, Try Not To Go Broke written…show more content…
60 percent of NFL player’s lose all their money when they retire and how WHEN THEY WERE IN THE NFL life wasn 't that easy either they stated “A life inside the NFL is a curious thing. During the season, your days are regimented, tightly scheduled. Get up at this hour. Eat at that hour. Practice during these hours. Show up here for the bus, there for the plane, and you better not be late. A life is easily constructed around these rules, and one knows what one’s responsibilities are. There is a comfort in routine, a sense of easy familiarity. The paycheck comes in on this day, the game is on that day, and at all times, you know where you belong”(Kluwe). Life for NFL player’s can be financially tough for them when they retire. How their job can be very demanding is because a lot of these athletes have to play whether their injured or not and many of the guys in the nfl risk getting permanent damage to their brains and many times these guys are pressured to use performance Enhancing Drugs to make them better at their sport so they risk they risk their reputations and body for their
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