Nhat Minh Case Study English Essay

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Comments: Nhat Minh can identify and remember almost all the vocabularies even the previous topics. He’s an eager learner and always participates in every activity we are doing. Exceptional retention skills considering he can remember nearly all the vocabularies that have been thought only once. He can count, identify, and write the numbers higher than 20. He is capable and has no trouble in recognizing, identifying, and writing the alphabets. Nhat Minh’s additional feature is the courageous personality and willingness to communicate in English, as well as his comprehension. Identifying and recognizing the shapes and colors hadn’t been difficulties to him. Recommendation: I would like to recommend improving his writing as; he has some trouble in writing b and d. Confusion between these two letters. Please…show more content…
And talk to him about his activeness. Minh ngoc is an enthusiastic learner and capable on remembering vocabularies from the previous topics. She can recall most of the vocabularies. She can utter English word correctly and capable in having simple English conversation with the teachers. No trouble in identifying, recalling, and recognizing the alphabets, numbers, colors, and shapes. However, she cannot focus on just one topic and keep on standing up and roaming around the room. Thien has no difficulties in pronouncing vocabularies. He can’t seem to focus on one thing and can be easily distracted by his surroundings. He is capable in identifying the colors when asked. He can recall some of vocabularies from the previous topic however, it understandable, as, he is often sick these past few months. Recounting and reciting the numbers are not complicated for him. He enjoys being with his classmates and shows enthusiasm about his accomplishment. He’s cooperating in our daily activities especially, in singing simple songs. Recognizing and identifying the alphabets and the
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