Ni Chuilleanain Poetry Analysis

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“Ni Chuilleanain’s poetry is deeply philosophical and her observations are communicated in a unique style” Discuss Ni Chuilleanain’s poetry is thought provoking and deeply philosophical. She is not a lyric poet, avoiding being didactic, instead being incredibly philosophical and reflecting on the intricacies of life. Her poems can be frustratingly complex due to her unique style but they are thoughtful and beautifully crafted. She portrays scenarios to give context to otherwise abstract themes, while using imaginative and original metaphors. At first sight, they can be challenging due to the fact that they are incredibly indirect and that she pays significant attention to detail towards matters that can appear to be insignificant or irrelevant. While not being emotive, her poems contain incredibly strong emotional power that resonates with the reader. She philosophizes about familial relationships, the passage of time, the concept of justice, but most thought provokingly the power of romantic love. Ni Chuilleanain’s philosophical reflection on the power of romantic love is present throughout her poetry. She highlights the unpredictable and all consuming nature of finding love in ‘Street’ with the monosyllabic opening line of “He fell in love with the butcher’s daughter”. This is an incredibly unique metaphor to symbolize how unpredictable love can be. It can occur in the most unexpected of manners, and not always be attractive or romantic to the naked eye. “Dangling a

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