Niagaros Phenomenon: Why Did The Niagara Fall

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The Niagara falls are a very beautiful set of waterfalls that many tourists flock to daily. But how did this phenomenon come to be? Once upon a time, there lived two gods and a goddess, all responsible for the creation of the earth. Each was given a place to rule. Chromeus was the god of the waters. He was very kind and created beautiful bodies of water to surround the lands. Niagaros was the god of the land. He was vengeful and jealous, and barely ever did his work. Rather, he would cause mischief. Lastly was the goddess Arcydia of the sky. She was very beautiful and kind, her long legs and warm smile were something any man would fall for. Since there were only one goddess and two gods, there were regular disputes over who would get to marry Arcydia. One day, the gods could not take it anymore, and had to settle the problem once and for all. Niagaros and Chromeus went to go see the goddess in the sky together to ask for her final decision. Poor Arcydia was very unhappy to choose, so she proposed an idea to have…show more content…
Niagaros was especially cocky, for he truly believed that there was no way for Chromeus to win. So each God hurried back to their territory and began to create their most exquisite and impressive works. Niagaros had gotten far in his project, creating a beautiful garden of new species of flowers for Arcydia.
“Surely I will win!” Niagaros laughed haughtily to himself. “There is no way that Chromeus could beat the lovely garden that I have made. I might as well call myself Arcydia’s wife right now!” While Niagaros had sunken deep in his pride, Chromeus was completing his project as well. He had made a beautiful and large lake for the goddess, one where she could see her own reflection of beauty. He had even named the lake after her, and connected it to a river to ensure that her lake would never run dry. Chromeus was the opposite of Niagaros, feeling as if he would lose to
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