Niang Is To Adeline Analysis

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Niang is presented as a harsh character, and also a discriminating view against the stepchildren and her own daughter. One evidence to prove is that when she says ‘ DEliberately and viciously, Niang is set about beating her daughter to earnest.” tHe adverb “ DEliberately”, the exact definition is “ on purpose and international”. The writer uses this word to describe her biased opinion against the stepchildren, intentionally slapping her little sister for no reason. The adverb ‘ viciously’ has an exact definition of ‘ In a violent and aggressive way’. This can not be considered as a metaphor, since ‘ viciously” is usually used for describing fierce animals. The writer’s usage of this word is to put stress upon Niang's bad temper and her biased actions towards the stepchildren. Another evidence to support is when Adeline said’ I felt panic-stricken and saw my stepmother”s long, red, perfectly manicured fingernail and straight at me.’ The writer uses three vivid yet descriptive words--red, long, perfectly to paint an image for the readers. It describes how rude and unpolite Niang is to Adeline.…show more content…
One evidence to prove it when she said’ sit down, all of you, and welcome to our Shanghai home!”The phrase” sit down” is a command spoken by Niang in a unpolite fashion. Besides, the use of’ all of you” assumed everyone as one unit. Moreover, the usage of welcome in this sentence shows her bossy behavior assuming her family as guests and guess that she doesn’t even recognize. Another evidence to prove us when Niang said’ you are not to invite any of your friends home’. In this quote, Niang uses a rude fashion to talk to everyone. When she thinks a plan, the protagonists, and the family members must do it or else they would be poorly treated in the
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