Niarb's Short Story: The Outside World

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Niarb was a lone hermit that lived at the base of Mount Vision next to an enormous pond. He does not know how and why he was isolated from the human world, or possibly even if mankind existed. Niarb went through an endless loop of daily tasks to support himself in the exotic wilderness, but with so much free time he began to devise a plan to “see” the outside world. The farthest he could ever see was the lushy top of the amazon forest that was outside the cave he lived in, but he wanted to see more. To glimpse what was beyond his habitat, and to see if there were other hairless monkeys like himself. Niarb had to find something that was flat and transparent to be able to view the outside world without distortions. To his astonishment, the…show more content…
He walked to the pond in misery and sat at the edge of the waves. He stared at his own reflection gently rippling in the water. It suddenly hit him! The perfect material was always reachable and right under his nose! The pond would serve perfectly in his idea to view the outside world. However, he has another problem of how to actually project image on the pond so he can watch the events. Where is the source going to come from? For weeks Niarb had no idea or even a way to approach this problem. Finally, Niarb decide to imagine and to create his own fantasy world. By staring at the pond and using his imagination, he saw wonderful images that appeared very life like. Little did he know the images that Niarb produced were all real events that occurred across the planet. He saw humans going to work, providing for their families, and enjoying themselves on a daily basis. Niarb found these creative images to be entertaining and continued to watch them during his free time. He learned that the world offers many lessons and that there are endless discoveries to be made. From the images Niarb saw, he taught himself how to make a container for liquids. This was useful information because he wanted to capture and bring the pond’s water with him so he can view it from the comfort of his home. Weeks into watching the outside world he discovered that other humans started keeping bowls of
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