Niccolo Machiavelli: The Qualities Of The Prince

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What does it mean to be a Prince? According to Niccolo Machiavelli there is various qualities that are needed to be a Prince. In the chapter, “The Qualities of the Prince,” Machiavelli list qualities a Prince must uphold to be considered a good Prince. In order to be a Prince one must know how to protect his state and people. Some qualities that he mentions are: being feared rather than being loved, being hated, being cruel, being generous, and being deceitful. These were some traits that back in 1590 Princes needed to resemble. Some of these traits are the opposite of good and bad. For example, being cruel and deceitful are good qualities; thus, being loved and generous are bad qualities. However, in today 's society we see these in modern politicians. One politician that shows these Machiavellian traits is Raul Castro president of Cuba. The two Machiavellian traits Raul Castro demonstrates that make him a good Prince (ruler) are being and deceitful. Machiavelli would pre approve of Castro being a good Prince because he keeps his state safe and in check. Machiavelli describes the quality of being cruel as being good. When I hear the word cruelty I can imagine people hanging in the gallows, or being stretched by a turn wheel. This what I think they did in 1590’s. However, I don’t think Princes did this to people who betrayed him. Being cruel is a good quality according to Machiavelli. He states, “Therefore, a prince must not worry about the reproach of cruelty when it is a
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