Human Nature In The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli

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Niccolo Machiavelli was a standout amongst the well-known philosophers of the Italian Renaissance. He exhibited a drastically unique view of how a prince should run his state than other political philosophers of the time. From his perception of Italian governmental issues and the Medici Family, he believed that Italy required a ruler who could take control over the state and maintain its political power. With this new perspective of politics, Machiavelli wrote his most famous book, The Prince, to draw a line among politics and morals, and accentuated how human nature should attribute to the state should continue to maintain its statue by analyzing historical facts and events. Machiavelli seemed to have a critical look regarding human nature.…show more content…
Machiavelli noticed that princes that always honor their word are praised, however, princes that succeeded are those that gave their word lightly and knew how to trich men. This goes back to the topic of loyalty and how human nature influences politics. Machiavelli expressed that a ruler must learn to fight with both force and law, being half man and half beast. By doing this, a prince would know how to respond accordingly to his subjects. Machiavelli again describes man as “wretched creatures who would not keep their promises to [the prince], [so he does] not need to keep [his] word to them.” Machiavelli’s new perspective of politics was mainly influenced by italy’s political statue and lack of proper leadership. He believed that with his view of politics, future prince 's would shape Italy into a powerful state, and he states: “Italy is waiting to see who can be the one to heal her wounds, put an end to the sacking of Lombardy, to extortion in the Kingdom and in Tuscany, and cleanse those sore which have now been festering for so long. See how Italy beseeches God to send someone to save her from barbarous cruelties and outrages; see how eager and willing that country is to follow a banner, if only someone will raise
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