Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince Still Relevant Today

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The Prince The essay The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli, is considered the basis for modern politics and is still very relevant today. He provides means of how how prince should govern and come to power. Machiavelli’s theory is that there is no “good” or “bad” in politics, that the only thing that matters is the stability of the state. A Pulitzer Prize winner, Jared Diamond says Machiavelli is “ a crystal-clear realist who understands the limits and uses of power.” Diamond says that The Prince is still very relevant today because Machiavelli insists “that we are not helpless at the hands of bad luck.” Machiavelli starts The Prince out by giving descriptions on which types of kingdoms are easier to rule. Kingdoms that are hereditary, they are easy to rule but difficult to take and a kingdom that is easy to take is difficult to rule. On chapter 5 he discusses that violence is key on taking self-governing republics so they won't rebel against you but that one must be careful not to be to violent so the people do not develop hatred towards you and that it is important to have an army at your disposal. Another major factor on why Machiavelli’s The Prince is still relevant today is because unlike other books or essays that give advice on ruling is that Machiavelli goes straight to the truth of how things really go on and political, the ugly side people usually don't think about. He also states that people who you are close to, one must be careful because they could go against you. He also says that apologizing is a form of weakness, this although might seem immoral to do, is necessary because the only thing…show more content…
Many consider The Prince a main contributor to today’s modern day politics. Although his ideas stir controversy and the pope saying it was written by the hand of the devil, is is difficult to ignore the truth Machiavelli says in his

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