Nice Cars Case Study

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2.1- There are Different types of leadership styles for different situation in the work environments and the leader need to know when to use a particular style .. organization's goalsand objectives determine which leadership style fits the firm best. Some companies offer several leadership styles within the organization, dependent upon the necessary tasks to complete and departmental needs.

– Autocratic Leadership in this type of leadership, all the decisions are made by the manager . He is the one who give direction to subordinates to complete the project. The leader believe that employees need strong guidance to complete the project and the task properly. Suggestions from staff are not accepted and they are unable to contribute ideas
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During this period under the German brothers, nice cars experienced many problems, wasting enormous amount of time, lot of policies and procedures, everyone had to specialise in a specific area, lack of communication were subordinates had to book an appointment to talk to the owners all the time, and junior managers who never attended meetings and were not involved in decision making. Therefore all this aspect contributed to the nice cars’ bankruptcy in…show more content…
Individual personality and forcefulness are not seen as the prerequisites for effective leadership.

The management system of Japanese companies exhibit a number of distinction are management philosophy and corporate identity, ownership stricture, company strategy, decision-making system and communication.

The profile of Japanese style of management is:

• in-house training of managers
• consensual and decentralized decision-making
• extensive use of quality control methods
• carefully codified work standards
• emphasis on creating harmonious relations among workers
• lifetime employment and seniority-based compensation.

Therefore, when Shin-Gijutsu suggested lifetime employment, staff promotion based on hard work and not seniority. That drive them to reduce the cars assemble time from 120 hours to 72 hours, and the number of errors per call fell by 50% to an average of 3. And also the company reported its first profit in four years after £200 million in losses. And that conclude that Japanese style of management was more effective for Nice
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