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Nicene Creed Reflection The first “I believe” statement symbolizes the first part of the trinity in my opinion, when it describes God the Father.When it says “I believe in one God” that represents to me that we are a monotheistic and we only preach and believe in One God. Next, when it says “The father almighty, maker of heaven in earth” in my opinion this means that he is greater than everyone and he is the ultimate creator, that also even though he holds all the power in the world he still uses it to lover everyone equally. Finally, when it says “Of all things visible and invisible,” this means everything in the world is him and that we shouldn’t have doubts about God even, if we can’t see him. We should always put our full trust in God if he is invisible or visible such as, the Eucharist or even is when you are praying. Overall, I learned that the first I believe statement symbolizes that, there is one God and he is the king of the whole world of all things. Next, the second I believe statement to me symbolizes the second part of the trinity, because it describes Jesus Christ. When it first says, “I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ,” this means to me that, God sent down his only son Jesus Christ to save us all, and there is only one Jesus Christ. He is the only one that saved us from our sins and allowed to live in eternal life with him…show more content…
In conclusion, the Nicene Creed in my opinion proclaims our faith in one small summary and it just adds on to the list of things God gives us to help us have faith in him. When we say, “Amen,” at the end of the creed that is us saying yes to God and it just helps us Catholics deepen our relationship with

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