Nicholas Ambrosuis Gautier's Character Analysis

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“Nick”, or Nicholas Ambrosuis Aloysuis Gautier is my favorite character and protagonist of the book Inferno by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Nick is funny and sarcastic, coming equipped with wit and humor that can make any teen laugh. He as able to rise above situations that other YA protagonist would not be able to overcome. Also, his personality has let him positively influence the people around him, even himself. However, when he changes himself, Nick’s changes seem to almost always have consequences. Although, there will always be someone there for him to hone in on when all hell (literally sometimes) has broken loose. Nick is simply a character who goes through so much and can take it and throw it back at life’s face.
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Humans change themselves and other around him. One way he changes something is the way he changes people around him. Using his personality as a strong willed kid who can still manage to make you laugh has its perks. This includes befriending an Atlantien God, befriending and becoming the significant other to the person is assigned to kill him, his bodyguard who is more like a slave to his family, a family of were-bears, The Simi, and a wolf that was nothing but a stranger. Nick has influenced Caleb to be more compassionate like how he was before his wife; Lilianna died. Nick has also influenced Kody to show her that there is more to the Malachai then senseless killing. Another way Nick has changed something is himself. Throughout Inferno there is character development, though it is more noticeable throughout the whole series rather than one book. However, the focus will be on the one book, which is all that is needed. The readers are shown in the prologue a future version of Nick waking up to a vision where he destroys the world. The Future Nick, not wanting that goes to a different, but still connected timestream in order to “alter my past so that I can change my future” (10). So, Nick literally influences himself, but that is not all. For example, in chapter 18, Nick was facing voices that were insulting him, but he just flat up said to them, “Yeah, this Cajun don’t run. Not for nothing,” (372). Finally, this last way is more so on who has changed Nick. These two major people are Kody and his mother. The first person, Kody, serves as the emotional guardian of Nick, with orders to kill him if he shows signs of turning into the monster that destroys the world. Also, Kody, being the love interest of Nick, is a person Nick has a soft spot for. As such, Kody has calmed Nick down when he goes full Malachai, which is when Nick goes into a rage where he craves to destroy and kill. The second person,
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